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About Us


Julia Wunder is a Health and Transformation Coach and Quantum Healer.

Her mission is to help you to come back into a natural state of freedom and flow, so you can live your best life with ease, joy and passion.

As a former dancer, her passion and gift is to help others to create a deeper and loving relationship with their body and soul and to find more peace, love, harmony, ease and flow in their lives.

She is a gifted teacher using different embodiment practices, breath work, yoga, dance and energy work to take you on a playful journey to inner mastery and transformation so you can access your full potential, learn to trust your inner guidance and find your true purpose and meaning.

Julia has been on her own personal journey of spiritual awakening as well as guiding others on their journey for over 20 years and truly embodies her teachings.

Her teaching and activations are light hearted, deep, intuitive, playful and potent.


Sophia Stacey is a Filmmaker, Editor and Director with extensive experience in documentary television film and video production, music video and independent documentaries; focussing on the genres of art, nature and music.

Sophia is passionate about music, and prior to 2012 had a fulfilling career performing in theatre and dance and has also performed and taught in various instruments including piano, bass, vocals and guitar. She is also well known for songwriting and recording, and takes classes in all these genres.

Sophia's passion lies in creative collaboration in developing, shooting and producing creative documentary projects.

Sophia has an ability to bring out the light, the talent and the gift that are within her students and the people she films. 

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