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What to expect on the day

Sattva Sanctuary

Situated in a quite rural town, surrounded by the Burrinbar mountain range, Sattva Sanctuary is truly a “retreat” place. It is a place you can come and retreat to yourself, tuning away from the hectic life that we have designed for ourselves in the modern world. The Center has a high vibrational field thanks to the chanting, meditation and intentional practices that take place here. You will feel peace and serenity the moment you step through our gates.

Morning Activites

Opening Circle and explanation to the days activities. Your will be provided with your own special journal to record your thoughts and feelings during the day.  We will share some warm herbal tea and this is a time to introduce yourself and set your intentions.


 Julia will guide you through meditation and gentle movements to get relaxed and into your body to get deeper into your intention with visualisation.  


Then it comes time to warm up your voice with the guidance of Sophia.  Some fun vocal warm ups and songs to start to bring out your voice.  We will create a song together with your own intentions vocalised into song.


Next we will wind down from the mornings activities and come back into feeling grounded. We will invite you to write any limiting thoughts and what you want to release.  


Afternoon Activities

Time for some scrumptious lunch and to make new connections.  We will help you get really clear on what you want to bring more of into your life.  


After some gentle movements to encourage your transformation, we will get the voice warmed up again and we will start to build a song for our final ceremony.


A very special Cacao ceremony around the beautiful fire pit with the ritual of burning limiting beliefs that you have journaled about during the day. 


Leading into an extra yummy Quantum flow session with Julia - You Will Love It.   With visualisation and celebrations.


Closing ceremony mediation  with “ I AM ” song.


 Time to head home and reflect on the transformation of this special day.

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